Saturday, July 31, 2010

Life Seed Stickers!

Orange this time! 3" Diameter.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Flying Forward

No, I will not settle.
No, I will not compromise my comfort, health or well-being.
No, I will not go against my morals.
No, I will not live up to your standards, only mine.
No, I will not lower my standards.
No, I will not be satisfied with your excuses for falling short of them.
No, I will never give less than my best.

Today, I'm feeling empowered and bold. There's no reason for it. I have my expectations and goals and standards. And today, I feel like molding my life to them instead of molding myself to life.

"I shall not submit! I shall conquer! I shall rise!" --Gomez Adams

I am tired of things not living up to my standards. Most of all, I'm tired of falling short of my own standards. We're all guilty of it. Whether through laziness or defeat, sometimes we all slip under par. Today, I want to pull myself back up. No more lazy, defeated backsliding. I want love, intensity and to outshine expectations so brilliantly, that no one can deny my greatness!

Maybe this all sounds convoluted and egocentric. But today, I don't care.

"Rage, rage against the dying of the light." --Dylan Thomas

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Life Seed Stickers!


The gold is about 3 inches and the green and white have 3 and 4 inch versions.

Want some? Lemme know.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Oh clients... (a short rant)

...Why don't you listen to me? I have a degree in making you look good, but you insist that I design sub-par items for you because you think you are better at this than I am. You are silly. Stop it.

So R.T. Henderson and I are working toward creating a business card that utilizes their new logo. They are insisting on scripty, Victorian fonts with photos of a very modern kitchen, greens that clash with the green in their logo, and they want their Victorian font in burgundy... In burgundy and inside of a white box on top of the photo... They also want the format vertical on one side of their card and horizontal on the other... REALLY?!? I'd laugh if I didn't feel like banging my head against my laptop.

I really wish I could present my ideas to them so I can explain why having a specific, limited pallet of fonts and colors is very important to a company's identity. You want customers to associate you with a particular group of fonts and colors, it makes it easier for them to recognize you and separates you from other companies.

That's nitty-gritty. But seriously, I thought everyone knew how to match colors at least! Burgundy + Global Green + Lime Green = NAZTY!

It's little things like this that make me wish that I actually had written contact (at the very least) with the clients that I get to do creative design for. I'd absolutely love to sit down with them over a cup of coffee and go over proofs with them, explaining why I made versions of their card that didn't follow any of their directions but utilized the images and text they gave me. About why using the logotype is better than using a random swishy font to write their company name. And why one should use only one green at a time.

Maybe if I work on my bosses a little, they'll actually let me start sending out proofs so I can write all of these comments diplomatically in an email. I'm really good at being diplomatic when I am trying to persuade people to make good design choices.

That, and they usually end up going with my original suggestions anyway! Why can't we just listen to me the first time?

Oh clients... I love you, but you're silly.

Oh, and we have a vinyl cutter here at work. Life Seed stickers are SO happening! And others, maybe Ouroboros and Life Tree strips.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tiny Update

Work is so fun! I get to make things every day!

A company called R.T. Henderson chose my logo out of the ones that the other designers and I sent for proofing. It was the first time my design has been chosen ever! I was super excited about it. Here it is:

I've finally gotten settled enough that I've started working on my own artwork again. And I even got hit up to illustrate a children's book by one of our clients! It's a cute story about a Moose and a Goose and a mystery bird with low self esteem. The mystery bird is very self conscious about the way he looks and is afraid that others don't like him because he is different. By the end, the Moose and the Goose present him in all of his glory to the other animals. The mystery bird is a Peacock and all of the animals crown him king of a festival because he is so delightfully unique and beautiful. Cute story, I'll be getting sketches of that done this coming week if all goes well.

Wow, life is good.