Saturday, October 17, 2009

Theotokos and Bodhisattva

Here are the final sketches for 2 tentative oil paintings. They'll be featured in the February show, tentatively titled MythoLogic.

Here's Theotokos:

and Bodhisattva:

Two more pieces will complete the series, Deva and Prophet.

I'm also working on my sister's new brand identity for RePiet Massage and The Elementals (4 oil paintings on wood panel, one for each of the 4 Greek elements) for my Dad's birthday, which will be displayed in my room/the guestroom. My sister will also be receiving 4 angels for Christmas. And my costume isn't done yet... And then there's all the other stuff for the show.

Speaking of which, cheap vinyl window stickers. Do they exist?

Work work work!

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