Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I suppose a statement of intent would be a fitting introduction to this blogging venture. The purpose of this pinprick point in cyberspace is to record my adventures as an artist, vivid dreams, significant life events, and, quite possibly, spontaneous outbursts of poetic prose.

I graduated the University of Arizona with a degree in Fine Arts in May of 2008. This is supposed to designate me among the professionals in my field. However, now that I'm free of my undergraduate fetters, I have more questions and quanderies than I ever had as a student. Life outside my little corner of campus isn't hard, but it is much more organic in it's trailblazing. Thereby making it unpredictable.

The title of this blog came about on a camping trip to Arcosanti, AZ. During my stay there in June, I discovered that there were things at night that, combined with the quiet of the desert, created a cacophonous symphony of rustlings, buzzings and chirps. I'd always known the music was there, but I'd never experienced it as profoundly as I did at that particular moment. And it is unique to the night.

Speaking of night, there's very little of it left now. And I am not a night-chirper. Good morning.

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