Friday, October 9, 2009

Bird Shaman

I've started work on my Halloween costume. It was conceptualized last year and totally dropped for lack of time and energy. It involves lots of leather and will look something like this rough sketch...The mask will be the most challenging part. I can sew for the most part, but I've never made a mask before. I'll credit my friend Megan for the technique I'll be using; I'll make a wire frame and sew leather directly onto the wire. I'm going for carrion crow. They keep making appearances in my life, leaving feathers, dropping bits of lemon rind at my feet, stuff like that.

Both Megan and Marchelo get credit for inspiring this piece. Chelo made something similar, a sort of white shaman with a staff and skull mask, but his had a cloven creature's head. And Megan is adept at making masks, I think she made his (don't quote me on that).

There's a lot on my plate now, I have 5 or so small pieces to get done by November, and 10 or so more to get done by February. These involve lots of paint and sticker printing and all manner of time consuming things. But, at least I'm making art again.

By the way, there's a show in February that I'll be having with my two room mates. I'll post more information once I have it officially set in whatever stone it needs to be set in.

On to blueberry muffins!

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  1. Hi Kim the costume looks very cool!

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