Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Male Nesting

The phenomenon of male nesting is very interesting. Especially when you live with men who like changing rooms around every few months. I'm a little different, I tend to assess the situation for a long time, put stuff the way I like it, and keep it there. Forever. It's the Bull in me. But the boys have different tendencies. One, aquarius, likes to change EVERYTHING as often as it strikes him, maybe every 3 months. The other keeps changing things around as he obtains additional things to fill out his vision of what his room should be. They did that thing where you buy stuff around Christmas. What a concept... I am now in rooms with furnishings, lamps, rugs and other things that weren't there before. I too received a rug. It's purple and gold. Very awesome. : )

My room will be going through some major changes soon too. I'm getting a bed! Yes! A bed! At long last I will have a designated place to sleep, with a real mattress! I'll be glad to stop sleeping in my sleeping bag on my couch in my room. It was nice, but I'm over it. Now I can sleep in my room WITH other people! I don't have to choose between my cat and my bed buddies! Yay bed! It's another loft, I loved my last one. This one is from IKEA, I might end up bracketing it to the wall in case of earthquake. *cough*

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