Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The wrong things are important.

I've been feeling artistically stifled lately. And a friend on Facebook made a comment, after I listed a bunch of important things I had to do instead of paint, that maybe the wrong things are important. He was right. And those things didn't even make it on the list.

I hate to admit it. I've had a ton of fun being a circus freak and redefining myself as a musician, but the expense for this fun has quite literally been my artwork. There's just been too much going on. My time with Circus Bacchus is drawing to a close soon, I'll be calling it a done deal after this next show. I had tons of fun. But I really miss my babies (all the embryos). And I need to get back on the horse and paint some more.

Portland is looking like a real possibility for relocation, followed closely by San Francisco and trailed eminently by Tucson. We'll see how it goes! Whatever happens, by June I will be out of Flagstaff and on to bigger and better things.

So long, small town. It's been... something.


  1. Hey dear :)
    As long as you're having fun along the way and enriching your life, what's wrong with straying from the path? You'll come back to it.
    If you end up in Portland or SF, we might end up seeing each other sooner than if you stay in AZ (friends are my only reason to go back, and my income basically doesn't exist).
    Don't forget to smile :)

  2. PDX had a lot of appeal (we're very likely to move there in a year or two), I didn't much care for SF, though Pt. Reyes was really gorgeous.Never been to Tuscon, so no opinion. Adventure is wonderful and change compels it. While we are in NH you are always welcome out here too, not as many of "us" out here though.