Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Couple of Side Projects...

This koalizzard is the product of an affair I had with my friend Natasha's crocodile pillow. I gave this little hybrid to Natasha so that she could raise it as her own. The crocodile pillow and I don't talk much anymore, so this is for the best.

I finally finished my first kandy-raver backpack, Flashback!
He's lined with black and white stripped fabric and closes with velcro.
His straps have two fine reflective stripes.

This is Peptopussy. She was my second attempt at a kandy-raver backpack. Unfortunitely, she became an accidental piece of feminist artwork when I added her pocket...
But I love her just the way she is. : )

This is my third attempt at a kandy-raver backpack, Frog-E!
His pocket is lined with blue velvet and he has a zipper!
I made him kandy today, and finished him today as well.

Frog-E will accompany me to Rainbow Brite and the Kandykids 2 this Friday. : )

I have officially finished all the backgrounds for my pieces for MythoLogic! Yay! Now I have to stencil and paint on them. Half this week, half next week, then the 4 Element panels.

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