Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Zombie Jesus Day!

I've discovered that I've inadvertently taken up a collection of glass energy drink containers... I have 5. It's weird. I might continue the trend. Oh, and Bawls G33K B33R is the best root beer EVAR!

I'm listening to "Life of Pi" on audio book while knitting and/or bookbinding. I learned to pearl and knit all at once so I can make a proper scarf. Art has slowed down a little bit. But I'm still sketching and I have until May to wrap up all the little projects that I need to before moving.

The list is:
Trella (a character of my sister's)
The Elements (yes, still not done)
Oracle + Black Canary (because they rock)
Maisie + Siobhan (a vampire and ghoul for the game I play)
Galena (another vampire for game)
Tribute Tattoo (back piece)
White Knight's Family Crest (for a raver and his rave family)
Randy's stenciled shirts (still have to cut and spray them)
3 more embryos
Fetus de Milo

I've had my downtime. Now time to work again.